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Kris Korzeniowski: Coaching and Consulting Services

Coaches, do you have problems with the speed of your boat, rigging or doubts about your training program?

Kris Korzeniowski, USRowing’s Director of Coaching Education, offers consulting services to all member coaches and member organizations of USRowing. Kris is ready to discuss your problems with you and find solutions.

Through the 1970s to the 2016 Olympic Games, countless athletes have been either mentored directly or learned from the articles, videotapes, and coaching manuals that Kris Korzeniowski had either produced or authored and had their careers shaped by him. He has been instrumental in the development of coaching education in the United States and throughout the world. He instituted the USA certification program in 1989 and is the author of USRowing’s Level I and Level II Coaching Manuals.

Introduced to rowing as a junior at the age of 17 in Wilno, Poland, Korzeniowski was a member of several Polish National Teams. From then, he transitioned to coaching juniors and a life-long coaching career that would see his elite crews win medals in 10 different Olympic-class events on the international stage.

Korzeniowski worked with the Italian, Chinese, Dutch and Canadian national teams during his career. He led Canada to two bronze in 1977, China to three medals in 1993 and The Netherlands to six world championship medals and three Olympic medals including silver in the women’s double and eight at the 2000 Olympics and bronze in the women’s double at the 1996 Olympics.

Korzeniowski coached Princeton University and then served as USRowing’s technical director from 1989-1992, men’s sweep head coach from 1984-1988, and women’s head coach from 1977-1981. Over that time, he coached sculling and sweep crews to world championship medals including the men’s eight to silver at the 1984 Olympics and bronze at the 1988 Olympics. After rejoining the USRowing coaching staff, Korzeniowski coached the women’s quad to bronze in 2001, the men’s double to the 2004 Olympic final, the men’s quad to world cup gold in 2008 and then fifth at the Olympic Games, and the Rio men’s pair.

The services for coaches include:

Team Consultations: Kris will work directly with the athletes and the coach in the form of 2-3 day on-site visits with the team.

Contact: Kris Korzeniowski at or 609-915-6224.


Individual Consultation: Prices will vary depending on time of consultation.

Team Consultation: Prices will vary depending on time of consultation.

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