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Individual Membership FAQs

To better understand the differences between the two types of individual membership, check out the following frequently asked questions. Click here to compare the different levels of membership and benefits associated with each.

Types of Membership

What is the difference between a championship membership and a basic membership?

A championship membership provides eligibility to receive numerous member benefits including the ability to participate in all USRowing-hosted events, USRowing conventions, and other USRowing-owned regional events. Basic membership is free, and has replaced our waiver-only option. In 2016, an admin fee was assessed for basic memberships. Basic membership allows one to sign a waiver and compete at all registered regattas. A full list of benefits for both types of membership can be found here.

Do I have to obtain a basic membership in addition to my championship membership?

No. Basic membership is only a minimum requirement to sign a waiver and compete for a club. A championship membership will allow one to sign their waiver AND receive many additional benefits.

What are the benefits of being an individual member?

A list of benefits for both championship membership and basic membership can be found here.

What is the price of a championship membership?

For athletes 26 years old or younger, the cost of membership is $45. For athletes 27 or older, the cost of membership is $65.

What is the price of basic membership?

As of 2016, basic membership is free, with an admin fee assessed at checkout ($7.75 for 2017). Click here to read the full details.

What are the new  Basic Plus Add-On Packages for basic membership?

Effective November 1, 2017, add-on packages were introduced for Basic memberships – the Regatta Package and Coaches Package. These Basic add-on packages expand the number of events Basic members can attend and include the personal liability insurance coverage and excess accident medical coverage currently only available to Championship members. For more information about these Add-On Packages, please click here.

What is a rowing outreach membership?

USRowing offers high school athletes who demonstrate economic need an opportunity to become USRowing championship members at the reduced fee of $10 per year.

Purchasing Your Membership

How do I pay my individual membership?

Payment is simple! Check out the step-by-step video tutorials for joining and renewing as an individual or in bulk by the coach or administrator of the organization.

Can I cancel my membership if I am no longer rowing?

While your membership can be canceled at any time, we will only refund money within the first 30 days of purchase, provided you have not raced at any regattas under that member number.

Login & Credentials

What is my member number?

If you are a championship member and cannot locate your USRowing membership card, or a basic member who has misplaced the email received upon registration, you may use the member number lookup to find your member number. If you are still having trouble, call USRowing’s main line at 1-800-314-4769 or e-mail We are happy to help!

What is my password?

If you changed your password from its default setting and can’t remember it, you can use the “forgot password” button located just below the login fields.

Can I reset my password?

Yes. If you changed your password from its default setting and can’t remember it, you can use the “Set/Reset Password” link located just below the login id fields.

* Remember: Password reset links are emailed to the email address that was entered upon registration/renewal. Keep this email current! If you are not receiving the reset link, be sure to consider old accounts or perhaps a son/daughter’s account that was entered upon registration/renewal.

I have multiple member numbers associated with my name. Which do I renew?

It is possible to have multiple member numbers associated with your name. Perhaps you forgot a password and created a duplicate account, or have memberships under your full name as well as a nickname. Regardless, our system treats every member account as a separate individual. Call USRowing if you think this may be the case. To help remedy this for coaches, our improved roster management feature within the USRowing membership portal allows coaches to merge duplicate member accounts within a roster, provided that each has identical profile information. Note: if you have a championship membership and a basic membership, you should sign your waiver under the championship account.

Can I ‘revive’ an old member number and replace my current one?

Member numbers can be very meaningful (especially those lower ones)! At this time we do not discard old numbers. If you are interested in renewing an old number, please contact membership at 1-800-314-4769, and we will assist you in resurrecting your old number.


When should I renew my individual membership?

Basic memberships and championship memberships expire one year from when they are activated. It is recommended that you renew before your expiration date to ensure that your membership benefits do not lapse.

Where do I go to renew my individual membership?

Renewing either your championship membership or your basic membership can be done here.


I am racing outside of the United States. Does my liability coverage apply?

Your USRowing coverage applies in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. If you are traveling outside of those territories and are in need of foreign liability coverage, please contact 1-888-467-3557. If you are traveling outside of the United States as part of a USRowing member organization, your organization can receive liability coverage for a premium of $400 per trip. Please contact 1-888-467-3557 for more information.

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