Training Suggestions for Month of February 2018

The month of February could be the first or the second month of specific rowing preparation. This depends on what was done in January. We can continue to develop an aerobic base but it should be more rowing orientated (water or erg). Additionally, we should try to keep a solid volume of aerobic workouts (U2, U1, AT) and start touching the higher cadence/intensity as well. It is suggested to use the following types of workouts per week: 2x U2 workouts, 3x mix U1/AT workouts and 1x AT/TR workout. Take a note of the 17strokes on /5 strokes off workout, it allows to practice higher cadence without too much intensity. It is AT (anaerobic threshold) effort.

These types of the workouts will provide good variety in the program and a lot of fun. Start taking some starts as well, racing starts in March, which is quickly approaching.

Here is an example of a program for the month of February. If you have Wednesday off and you train on Sunday, move the whole schedule (starting on Wednesday) down, skipping over the day.

If you have any questions related to the program, feel free to contact me vial email :

-Kris Korzeniowski

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