2019 Senior Trials I/ Spring Speed Order I

USRowing is committed to fair play. All athletes participating in selection for, and competing as a member of, all U.S. national rowing teams must be in compliance with United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA), International Olympic Committee (IOC), United States Olympic Committee (USOC), World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), FISA and USRowing rules and requirements relating to banned substances, including but not limited to undergoing testing and obtaining and maintaining current therapeutic use exemptions as needed. Failure to adhere to anti-doping rules and requirements may result in an athlete losing eligibility to compete for the United States.

Tentative Information for the 2019 Senior Trials I / Speed Order I

April 18-21, 2019

The first opportunity to practice will be Tuesday, April 16, in the afternoon. Exact time TBD.

Trials 1: M1x, W1x
Speed Order 1: LM1x, LW1x 

Please note that the deadline to complete the mandatory USRowing ECG & Pre-Competition Health Screening for this event is March 1, 2019. For instructions, please click HERE.

Coaches, please be aware of the new SafeSport requirements to be named a member of a team. For more information, please see Appendix D – Coaches.

Selection Eligibility:

  • All competitors must have completed the USRowing ECG and Pre-Competition Health Screening.
  • All competitors must have completed the USRowing Anti Doping Acknowledgement and have a signed liability waiver on file. This acknowledgement and waiver can be signed at http://www.usrowing.org/sign-a-waiver/
  • All competitors must be current Basic + Regatta Package Membership or Championship Membership of USRowing. To renew your Basic + Regatta Package Membership, go to usrowing.org and click on “Join/Renew,” or contact member services at 1-800-314-4ROW.
  • All athletes must meet all eligibility requirements as outlined in the 2019 Selection Procedures.

Athletes will not be permitted to launch if they are not in compliance with these requirements. Membership staff will not be on-site, so it is important to ensure compliance in advance of the event. 


Racing will be conducted at Nathan Benderson Park, 5851 Nathan Benderson Circle, Sarasota, FL 34235. Trials participants will not have access to locker rooms or showers on-site. Restrooms will be available.

The local Sarasota organizing committee has provided the following link to help people find lodging in the area.


Racing Format:

Please see the 2019 Selection Procedures.

There will be no live streaming of this event.

Practice Schedule:

Practice Schedule: TBD

Boat scales will be open and available during scheduled practice times.

Adverse Weather Policy:

Click to view the Adverse Weather Policy

Lightweights and Coxswains:

USRowing will follow FISA weights for all lightweight competitors, as well as for coxswains. A rower may compete in lightweight rowing events if he/she meets the following criteria:

  • A lightweight men’s crew shall have an average weight not exceeding 70 kg. No individual lightweight male rower may weigh more than 72.5kg.
  • A lightweight male single sculler may not weigh more than 72.5 kg.
  • A lightweight women’s crew shall have an average weight not exceeding 57 kg. No individual lightweight female rower may weigh more than 59 kg.
  • A female lightweight single sculler may not weigh more than 59 kg.
  • A coxswain must weigh no less than 55 kg and may carry no more than 15 kg.

Lightweight rowers and coxswains will be weighed wearing only their racing uniform on calibrated scales not less than one hour and not more than two hours before their first race of each event in which they are competing, each day of the competition.

Trials Winners Information:

Please be aware many countries will deny a traveler entry if a passport has fewer than six months before it expires. If your passport expires before that date, or if you do not have a passport, please be sure to start the renewal/application process well in advance of trials. You must have a valid passport by the date of selection to the team. All trials winners are also required to propose a coach at the trials, who should travel with the crew for the length of the world championships.

All athletes winning berths at the selection trials must submit on site, in conjunction with their intent to compete, a payment per athlete to cover the expenses of food, lodging, and local transportation during the world championships. Proposed coaches of boats at the world championships must be SafeSport compliant and submit payment in the full amount at the end of trials as well.

The final price does not include airfare, nor does it include the cost of equipment. Those plans and expenses are left to the coach and athletes. However, athletes and coaches making the trip will be advised by USRowing staff which dates the team should arrive/depart Europe.

All trials winners are responsible for securing competition equipment. USRowing will be able to provide contact information for international boat manufacturers at the end of trials.

Boat Storage:

All boats will be stored outside on personal slings or on club trailers. Please be mindful of emergency access roads and walkways. Equipment that is blocking a path may be moved.


To learn more information about Anti-Doping Information, please go to http://www.usrowing.org/anti-doping-information/

As outlined in the 2019 Rules of Rowing:

  • All competitors must be citizens or nationals of the United States
  • No competitor may wear the uniform of the U.S. national team during competition
  • Use of national team colors on oars is prohibited

For questions, contact Michael Zimmer at mzimmer@usrowing.org


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