2018 USRowing Southeast Youth Championships

The 2018 USRowing Southeast Youth Championships will be held May 12-13, 2018, at Nathan Benderson Park in Sarasota-Bradenton, FL.

Entries are now being accepted for this event through RegattaCentral. The initial registration deadline is May 1, 2018. Click the button below to submit your entries.

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Competitor Information

Initial Registration Opens: March 15, 2018

Initial Registration Deadline: May 1, 2018

Expected Schedule

The schedule below is provided to assist coaches with planning their entries. It is based on last year's entry numbers, and adjusted for changes approved for this year's regatta. This schedule is tentative, and for planning purposes only. The initial race schedule will be posted on May 2, 2018, once the initial registration deadline has passed.

  • Saturday, May 12
  • Sunday, May 13
  • This schedule is tentative, and for planning purposes only.
  • This schedule is tentative, and for planning purposes only.
1Womens Youth 1xTime Trial8:00 AM
2Mens Youth 1xTime Trial8:10 AM
3Womens Youth 2-Time Trial8:22 AM
4Mens Youth 2-Time Trial8:30 AM
5Womens Youth Ltwt 2xTime Trial8:39 AM
6Mens Youth Ltwt 2xTime Trial8:48 AM
7Womens Youth 2xTime Trial8:58 AM
8Mens Youth 2xTime Trial9:07 AM
9Mens Youth Ltwt 4+Time Trial9:18 AM
10Womens Youth Ltwt 4+Time Trial9:28 AM
11Womens Youth 4+Time Trial9:36 AM
12Mens Youth 4+Time Trial9:46 AM
13Womens Youth 4xTime Trial9:56 AM
14Mens Youth 4xTime Trial10:05 AM
15Womens Youth Ltwt 8+Time Trial10:14 AM
16Womens Youth 8+Time Trial10:20 AM
17Mens Youth Ltwt 8+Time Trial10:29 AM
18Mens Youth 8+Time Trial10:36 AM
End of Time Trial10:44 AM
21Womens U17 8+Heat12:15 PM
21Womens U17 8+Heat12:22 PM
21Womens U17 8+Heat12:29 PM
22Mens U17 8+Heat12:36 PM
22Mens U17 8+Heat12:43 PM
23Womens U17 1xHeat12:50 PM
23Womens U17 1xHeat12:57 PM
24Mens U17 1xHeat1:04 PM
24Mens U17 1xHeat1:11 PM
25Womens U17 2xHeat1:18 PM
25Womens U17 2xHeat1:25 PM
26Mens U17 2xHeat1:32 PM
26Mens U17 2xHeat1:39 PM
27Womens U17 4xHeat1:46 PM
27Womens U17 4xHeat1:53 PM
28Mens U17 4xHeat2:00 PM
28Mens U17 4xHeat2:07 PM
31Womens Youth 2nd 4+Heat2:14 PM
31Womens Youth 2nd 4+Heat2:21 PM
32Mens Youth 2nd 4+Heat2:28 PM
32Mens Youth 2nd 4+Heat2:35 PM
35Womens Youth 2nd 8+Heat2:42 PM
35Womens Youth 2nd 8+Heat2:49 PM
36Mens Youth 2nd 8+Heat2:56 PM
36Mens Youth 2nd 8+Heat3:03 PM
37Womens U17 4+Heat3:10 PM
37Womens U17 4+Heat3:17 PM
37Womens U17 4+Heat3:24 PM
38Mens U17 4+Heat3:31 PM
38Mens U17 4+Heat3:38 PM
38Mens U17 4+Heat3:45 PM
3:52 PM
1Womens Youth 1xSemifinal4:00 PM
1Womens Youth 1xSemifinal4:08 PM
2Mens Youth 1xSemifinal4:16 PM
2Mens Youth 1xSemifinal4:24 PM
6Mens Youth Ltwt 2xSemifinal4:32 PM
6Mens Youth Ltwt 2xSemifinal4:40 PM
8Mens Youth 2xSemifinal4:48 PM
8Mens Youth 2xSemifinal4:56 PM
9Mens Youth Ltwt 4+Semifinal5:04 PM
9Mens Youth Ltwt 4+Semifinal5:12 PM
11Womens Youth 4+Semifinal5:20 PM
11Womens Youth 4+Semifinal5:28 PM
12Mens Youth 4+Semifinal5:36 PM
12Mens Youth 4+Semifinal5:44 PM
1Womens Youth 1xFinal8:00 AM
2Mens Youth 1xFinal8:08 AM
3Womens Youth 2-Final8:16 AM
4Mens Youth 2-Final8:24 AM
5Womens Youth Ltwt 2xFinal8:32 AM
6Mens Youth Ltwt 2xFinal8:40 AM
7Womens Youth 2xFinal8:48 AM
8Mens Youth 2xFinal8:56 AM
9Mens Youth Ltwt 4+Final9:04 AM
10Womens Youth Ltwt 4+Final9:12 AM
11Womens Youth 4+Final9:20 AM
12Mens Youth 4+Final9:28 AM
13Womens Youth 4xFinal9:36 AM
14Mens Youth 4xFinal9:44 AM
15Womens Youth Ltwt 8+Final9:52 AM
16Mens Youth Ltwt 8+Final10:00 AM
17Womens Youth 8+Final10:08 AM
18Mens Youth 8+Final10:16 AM
19Womens Inclusive 2xFinal10:26 AM
20Mens Inclusive 2xFinal10:36 AM
End of AM Racing10:46 AM
21Womens U17 8+Final12:15 PM
22Mens U17 8+Final12:23 PM
23Womens U17 1xFinal12:31 PM
24Mens U17 1xFinal12:39 PM
25Womens U17 2xFinal12:47 PM
26Mens U17 2xFinal12:55 PM
27Womens U17 4xFinal1:03 PM
28Mens U17 4xFinal1:11 PM
29Womens U15 8+Final1:19 PM
30Mens U15 8+Final1:27 PM
31Womens Youth 2nd 4+Final1:35 PM
32Mens Youth 2nd 4+Final1:43 PM
33Womens Youth 3rd 8+Final1:51 PM
34Mens Youth 3rd 8+Final1:59 PM
35Womens Youth 2nd 8+Final2:07 PM
36Mens Youth 2nd 8+Final2:15 PM
37Womens U17 4+Final2:23 PM
38Mens U17 4+Final2:31 PM
2:39 PM
39Womens Youth 4-Final2:47 PM
40Mens Youth 4-Final2:55 PM

Southeast Youth Coaches Council

2018 Council Members

  • Sarah Low (Chair, Georgia) – Atlanta Junior Rowing Association
  • Jeff Coy (Alabama/Mississippi) – Huntsville-Madison County
  • Chris Register (North Florida) – Bolles School
  • Casey Galvanek (West Florida) – Sarasota Crew
  • Justin Knust (East Florida) – Lake County Rowing
  • Cesar Herrera (South Florida) – Miami Rowing
  • Will White (North Carolina/South Carolina) – Triangle Rowing
  • Cory Sanderson (Tennessee) – Nashville Rowing
  • Jake Kazlow (At-Large) – St. Andrew Rowing Club
  • Byron Walthall (YAC SE Rep, Non-Voting Member) – Charlotte Youth

Meeting Minutes



Travel and Lodging

The 2018 USRowing Southeast Youth Championships will be held at Nathan Benderson Park, 5851 Nathan Benderson Circle, Sarasota, FL 34235.

Airport and Ground Transportation

Nathan Benderson Park is accessible by both Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport (SRQ) and Tampa International Airport (TPA).

Driving Distances to Nathan Benderson Park From:
  • St. Petersburg- 41 miles
  • Tampa- 55 miles
  • Naples- 114 miles
  • Orlando- 126 miles
  • Palm Beach- 181 miles
  • Miami- 214 miles
  • Jacksonville- 240 miles
  • Tallahassee- 283 miles
  • SRQ

    Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport

    SRQ Airport serves over one million passengers each year as a gateway to Florida’s Gulf Coast.
    • Located just 8 miles from Nathan Benderson Park
    • Daily non-stop flights to Chicago, NYC, Atlanta, Boston, Charlotte, and Washington D.C.
  • TPA

    Tampa International Airport

    Tampa International Airport is just one hour from Sarasota-Bradenton and provides nonstop and connecting flight services to popular national and international destinations.

Travel and Lodging Partner

USRowing has partnered with EMC Venues to provide accommodation options for teams and spectators traveling to the 2018 Southeast Youth Championships.

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