2018 USRowing Club National Championships

The 2018 USRowing Club National Championships will be held July 11-15, 2018, on the Cooper River in Camden, New Jersey.

The USRowing Club National Championships, which feature racing in the under 17, under 19, intermediate, and elite/senior categories, have seen significant growth over the past several years and have become one of the largest summer regattas in the country. The 2017 event broke the organization’s all-time participation records with nearly 1,700 crews competing over five days.

This year’s event will be split between two groups of events. The U19 and U17 event categories will be held Wednesday-Friday. The Intermediate and Senior/Elite events will be held Friday-Sunday. Check the “Planned Schedule” and Regatta Packet below for more detailed information.

Also this year USRowing has again partnered with CaptainU as our exclusive online athlete recruiting partner to provide a free recruiting profile and resources for rowing in college.

Click this link to get started and connect with college rowing programs attending this year’s event. With the free recruiting profile, athletes can:

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Registration Information

Entries are now being accepted for this event through RegattaCentral. The initial registration deadline is June 25, 2018. Click the button below to submit your entries.

Register Now

The Cooper River venue is currently undergoing different phases of improvements, and we look forward to showcasing these upgrades to the rowing community.

Jamie Stack, Camden County Boathouse Manager 

USRowing is excited to return to the Cooper River in 2018The venue has a history of hosting large events, both in scale and stature, so we are very confident in the local organizing committee’s expertise in hosting events of this caliber.

AJ Dominique III, USRowing Senior Events Manager 

Competitor Information

Registration Dates:

Standard Registration Deadline: June 25, 2018

Online Late Entry Deadline: July 1, 2018

Planned Schedule of Racing

This schedule is included to provide a guide to assist coaches in planning their entries for this event. It is for illustrative purposes only, and subject to change based on regatta registration. The initial schedule of races will be posted on June 26, 2018.

  • Wed., July 11
  • Thurs., July 12
  • Fri., July 13
  • Sat., July 14
  • Sun., July 15
  • U19 & U17 Time Trials
  • U19 & U17 Semifinals
  • U19 & U17 Finals, Intermediate Time Trials
  • Elite/Senior Time Trials, Intermediate & Senior/Elite Semis
  • Intermediate & Senior/Elite Finals
1Womens U17 1xTime Trial8:00 AM
2Mens U19 4xTime Trial8:26 AM
3Womens U19 2xTime Trial8:45 AM
4Mens U17 2xTime Trial9:15 AM
5Womens U19 8+Time Trial9:43 AM
6Mens U19 4+Time Trial10:04 AM
7Womens U17 4+Time Trial10:31 AM
8Mens U17 8+Time Trial10:48 AM
9Womens U17 4xTime Trial11:01 AM
10Mens U19 1xTime Trial11:15 AM
11Womens U19 2-Time Trial11:45 AM
End of AM Session12:12 PM
Break12:30-1:30 PM
12Mens U19 2-Time Trial1:45 PM
13Womens U19 1xTime Trial2:05 PM
14Womens U19 4-Time Trial2:35 PM
15Mens U17 1xTime Trial2:45 PM
16Womens U17 2xTime Trial3:15 PM
17Mens U19 2xTime Trial3:41 PM
18Mens U19 8+Time Trial4:11 PM
19Mens U17 4+Time Trial4:28 PM
20Womens U19 4+Time Trial4:47 PM
21Womens U17 8+Time Trial5:17 PM
22Mens U19 4-Time Trial5:29 PM
23Womens U19 4xTime Trial5:39 PM
24Mens U17 4xTime Trial6:00 PM
End of Race Day6:17 PM
1Womens U17 1xSemi 18:00 AM
1Womens U17 1xSemi 28:07 AM
1Womens U17 1xSemi 38:14 AM
2Mens U19 4xSemi 18:21 AM
2Mens U19 4xSemi 28:28 AM
3Womens U19 2xSemi 18:35 AM
3Womens U19 2xSemi 28:42 AM
3Womens U19 2xSemi 38:49 AM
4Mens U17 2xSemi 18:56 AM
4Mens U17 2xSemi 29:03 AM
4Mens U17 2xSemi 39:10 AM
5Womens U19 8+Semi 19:17 AM
5Womens U19 8+Semi 29:24 AM
5Womens U19 8+Semi 39:31 AM
6Mens U19 4+Semi 19:38 AM
6Mens U19 4+Semi 29:45 AM
6Mens U19 4+Semi 39:52 AM
7Womens U17 4+Semi 19:59 AM
7Womens U17 4+Semi 210:06 AM
8Mens U17 8+Semi 110:13 AM
8Mens U17 8+Semi 210:20 AM
9Womens U17 4xSemi 110:27 AM
9Womens U17 4xSemi 210:34 AM
10Mens U19 1xSemi 110:41 AM
10Mens U19 1xSemi 210:48 AM
10Mens U19 1xSemi 310:55 AM
11Womens U19 2-Semi 111:02 AM
11Womens U19 2-Semi 211:09 AM
11Womens U19 2-Semi 311:16 AM
12Mens U19 2-Semi 111:23 AM
12Mens U19 2-Semi 211:30 AM
12Mens U19 2-Semi 311:37 AM
End of AM Session11:44 AM
13Womens U19 1xSemi 11:15 PM
13Womens U19 1xSemi 21:22 PM
13Womens U19 1xSemi 31:29 PM
15Mens U17 1xSemi 11:36 PM
15Mens U17 1xSemi 21:43 PM
15Mens U17 1xSemi 31:50 PM
16Womens U17 2xSemi 11:57 PM
16Womens U17 2xSemi 22:04 PM
16Womens U17 2xSemi 32:11 PM
17Mens U19 2xSemi 12:18 PM
17Mens U19 2xSemi 22:25 PM
17Mens U19 2xSemi 32:32 PM
18Mens U19 8+Semi 12:39 PM
18Mens U19 8+Semi 22:46 PM
19Mens U17 4+Semi 12:53 PM
19Mens U17 4+Semi 23:00 PM
19Mens U17 4+Semi 33:07 PM
20Womens U19 4+Semi 13:14 PM
20Womens U19 4+Semi 23:21 PM
20Womens U19 4+Semi 33:28 PM
21Womens U17 8+Semi 13:35 PM
21Womens U17 8+Semi 23:42 PM
23Womens U19 4xSemi 13:49 PM
23Womens U19 4xSemi 23:56 PM
23Womens U19 4xSemi 34:03 PM
24Mens U17 4xSemi 14:10 PM
24Mens U17 4xSemi 24:17 PM
End of Racing Day4:24 PM
1Womens U17 1xFinal8:00
2Mens U19 4xFinal8:07
3Womens U19 2xFinal8:14
4Mens U17 2xFinal8:21
5Womens U19 8+Final8:28
6Mens U19 4+Final8:35
7Womens U17 4+Final8:42
8Mens U17 8+Final8:49
9Womens U17 4xFinal8:56
10Mens U19 1xFinal9:03
11Womens U19 2-Final9:10
12Mens U19 2-Final9:17
13Womens U19 1xFinal9:24
14Womens U19 4-Final9:31
15Mens U17 1xFinal9:38
16Womens U17 2xFinal9:45
17Mens U19 2xFinal9:52
18Mens U19 8+Final9:59
19Mens U17 4+Final10:06
20Womens U19 4+Final10:13
21Womens U17 8+Final10:20
22Mens U19 4-Final10:27
23Womens U19 4xFinal10:34
24Mens U17 4xFinal10:41
25PR3 Mix 2xFinal10:51
26PR3 M 2-Final11:01
27PR3 W 2-Final11:11
28PR2 Mix 2xFinal11:21
29PR1 M1xFinal11:31
30PR1 W1xFinal11:41
End AM Session11:51
Break12:00-1:00 PM
31Womens Intermediate 4xTime Trial1:15 PM
32Mens Intermediate 2xTime Trial1:26 PM
33Mens Intermediate 8+Time Trial1:41 PM
34Mens Intermediate Ltwt 4xTime Trial1:51 PM
35Mens Intermediate Ltwt 4+Time Trial1:58 PM
36Womens Intermediate Ltwt 2xTime Trial2:07 PM
37Womens Intermediate 4+Time Trial2:20 PM
38Mens Intermediate 2-Time Trial2:30 PM
39Womens Intermediate 1xTime Trial2:42 PM
40Mens Intermediate Ltwt 1xTime Trial3:02 PM
41Womens Intermediate Ltwt 2-Time Trial3:23 PM
42Mens Intermediate Ltwt 8+Time Trial3:35 PM
43Mens Intermediate 4xTime Trial3:42 PM
44Womens Intermediate 2xTime Trial3:52 PM
45Womens Intermediate 8+Time Trial4:11 PM
46Mens Intermediate 4+Time Trial4:22 PM
47Womens Intermediate Ltwt 4xTime Trial4:34 PM
48Mens Intermediate Ltwt 2xTime Trial4:42 PM
49Womens Intermediate Ltwt 4+Time Trial5:00 PM
50Mens Intermediate Ltwt 2-Time Trial5:09 PM
51Womens Intermediate Ltwt 1xTime Trial5:18 PM
52Mens Intermediate 1xTime Trial5:33 PM
53Womens Intermediate 2-Time Trial5:58 PM
End of Racing Day6:16 PM
54Womens Elite/Senior 1xTime Trial8:00 AM
55Mens Elite/Senior 1xTime Trial8:12 AM
57Mens Elite/Senior Ltwt 1xTime Trial8:27 AM
58Womens Elite/Senior 2-Time Trial8:37 AM
63Womens Elite/Senior 2xTime Trial8:44 AM
64Mens Elite/Senior 2xTime Trial8:52 AM
70Womens Elite/Senior 4+Time Trial8:59 AM
71Mens Elite/Senior 4+Time Trial9:06 AM
73Mens Elite/Senior Ltwt 4+Time Trial9:13 AM
End AM Session9:20 AM
31Womens Intermediate 4xSemi 110:00 AM
31Womens Intermediate 4xSemi 210:07 AM
32Mens Intermediate 2xSemi 110:14 AM
32Mens Intermediate 2xSemi 210:21 AM
32Mens Intermediate 2xSemi 310:28 AM
33Mens Intermediate 8+Semi 110:35 AM
33Mens Intermediate 8+Semi 210:42 AM
35Mens Intermediate Ltwt 4+Semi 110:49 AM
35Mens Intermediate Ltwt 4+Semi 210:56 AM
36Womens Intermediate Ltwt 2xSemi 111:03 AM
36Womens Intermediate Ltwt 2xSemi 211:10 AM
37Womens Intermediate 4+Semi 111:17 AM
37Womens Intermediate 4+Semi 211:24 AM
38Mens Intermediate 2-Semi 111:31 AM
38Mens Intermediate 2-Semi 211:38 AM
39Womens Intermediate 1xSemi 111:45 AM
39Womens Intermediate 1xSemi 211:52 AM
39Womens Intermediate 1xSemi 311:59 AM
40Mens Intermediate Ltwt 1xSemi 112:06 PM
40Mens Intermediate Ltwt 1xSemi 212:13 PM
40Mens Intermediate Ltwt 1xSemi 312:20 PM
End of AM Session12:27 PM
Break12:45-1:45 PM
41Womens Intermediate Ltwt 2-Semi 12:00 PM
41Womens Intermediate Ltwt 2-Semi 22:07 PM
43Mens Intermediate 4xSemi 12:14 PM
43Mens Intermediate 4xSemi 22:21 PM
44Womens Intermediate 2xSemi 12:28 PM
44Womens Intermediate 2xSemi 22:35 PM
44Womens Intermediate 2xSemi 32:42 PM
45Womens Intermediate 8+Semi 12:49 PM
45Womens Intermediate 8+Semi 22:56 PM
46Mens Intermediate 4+Semi 13:03 PM
46Mens Intermediate 4+Semi 23:10 PM
48Mens Intermediate Ltwt 2xSemi 13:17 PM
48Mens Intermediate Ltwt 2xSemi 23:24 PM
48Mens Intermediate Ltwt 2xSemi 33:31 PM
49Womens Intermediate Ltwt 4+Semi 13:38 PM
49Womens Intermediate Ltwt 4+Semi 23:45 PM
51Womens Intermediate Ltwt 1xSemi 13:52 PM
51Womens Intermediate Ltwt 1xSemi 23:59 PM
51Womens Intermediate Ltwt 1xSemi 34:06 PM
52Mens Intermediate 1xSemi 14:13 PM
52Mens Intermediate 1xSemi 24:20 PM
52Mens Intermediate 1xSemi 34:27 PM
53Womens Intermediate 2-Semi 14:34 PM
53Womens Intermediate 2-Semi 24:41 PM
53Womens Intermediate 2-Semi 34:48 PM
54Womens Elite/Senior 1xSemi 14:55 PM
54Womens Elite/Senior 1xSemi 25:02 PM
55Mens Elite/Senior 1xSemi 15:09 PM
55Mens Elite/Senior 1xSemi 25:16 PM
55Mens Elite/Senior 1xSemi 35:23 PM
57Mens Elite/Senior Ltwt 1xSemi 15:30 PM
57Mens Elite/Senior Ltwt 1xSemi 25:37 PM
End of Racing Day5:44 PM
31Womens Intermediate 4xFinal8:00 AM
32Mens Intermediate 2xFinal8:07 AM
33Mens Intermediate 8+Final8:14 AM
34Mens Intermediate Ltwt 4xFinal8:21 AM
35Mens Intermediate Ltwt 4+Final8:28 AM
36Womens Intermediate Ltwt 2xFinal8:35 AM
37Womens Intermediate 4+Final8:42 AM
38Mens Intermediate 2-Final8:49 AM
39Womens Intermediate 1xFinal8:56 AM
40Mens Intermediate Ltwt 1xFinal9:03 AM
41Womens Intermediate Ltwt 2-Final9:10 AM
42Mens Intermediate Ltwt 8+Final9:17 AM
43Mens Intermediate 4xFinal9:24 AM
44Womens Intermediate 2xFinal9:31 AM
45Womens Intermediate 8+Final9:38 AM
46Mens Intermediate 4+Final9:45 AM
47Womens Intermediate Ltwt 4xFinal9:52 AM
48Mens Intermediate Ltwt 2xFinal9:59 AM
49Womens Intermediate Ltwt 4+Final10:06 AM
50Mens Intermediate Ltwt 2-Final10:13 AM
51Womens Intermediate Ltwt 1xFinal10:20 AM
52Mens Intermediate 1xFinal10:27 AM
53Womens Intermediate 2-Final10:34 AM
Break10:41 AM
54Womens Elite/Senior 1xFinal12:00 PM
55Mens Elite/Senior 1xFinal12:07 PM
56Womens Elite/Senior Ltwt 1xFinal12:14 PM
57Mens Elite/Senior Ltwt 1xFinal12:21 PM
58Womens Elite/Senior 2-Final12:28 PM
59Mens Elite/Senior 2-Final12:35 PM
60Mens Elite/Senior Ltwt 2-Final12:42 PM
61Womens Elite/Senior Ltwt 2-Final12:49 PM
62Mens Elite/Senior 2+Final12:56 PM
63Womens Elite/Senior 2xFinal1:03 PM
64Mens Elite/Senior 2xFinal1:10 PM
65Womens Elite/Senior Ltwt 2xFinal1:17 PM
66Mens Elite/Senior Ltwt 2xFinal1:24 PM
67Womens Elite/Senior 4-Final1:31 PM
68Mens Elite/Senior 4-Final1:38 PM
69Mens Elite/Senior Ltwt 4-Final1:45 PM
70Womens Elite/Senior 4+Final1:52 PM
71Mens Elite/Senior 4+Final1:59 PM
72Womens Elite/Senior Ltwt 4+Final2:06 PM
73Mens Elite/Senior Ltwt 4+Final2:13 PM
74Womens Elite/Senior 4xFinal2:20 PM
75Mens Elite/Senior 4xFinal2:27 PM
76Womens Elite/Senior Ltwt 4xFinal2:34 PM
77Mens Elite/Senior Ltwt 4xFinal2:41 PM
78Mens Elite/Senior Ltwt 8+Final2:48 PM
79Womens Elite/Senior 8+Final2:55 PM
80Mens Elite/Senior 8+Final3:02 PM
81PR3 Mix 4+Final3:12 PM
82PR2 M 1xFinal3:22 PM
83PR2 W 1xFinal3:32 PM
84Mens Inclusive 2xFinal3:42 PM
85Womens Inclusive 2xFinal3:52 PM
End of Racing Day4:02 PM

Race for the Colgan Cup

Teams at the Club National Championships compete for the Colgan Cup Overall Team Points Trophy standings, the Sulgar-Barnes Men’s Points Trophy standings and the Marion D. Ventura Women’s Points Trophy.

2017 Team Trophy Results

2016 Team Trophy Results

2015 Team Trophy Results

Travel and Lodging

The 2018 USRowing Club National Championships will be held on the Cooper River, in Camden County, NJ.

Airport and Ground Transportation

  • PHL

    Philadelphia International Airport

    Philadelphia International Airport is approximately 15 miles from the venue.

    Philadelphia International Airport (PHL), the only major airport serving the nation’s 7th largest metropolitan area, is a large hub airport serving more than 30 million passengers annually. Twenty-five airlines, including all major domestic carriers, offer nearly 500 daily departures to more than 120 destinations worldwide.

Travel and Lodging Partner

USRowing has partnered with EMC Venues to provide accommodation options for teams and spectators traveling to the 2018 Club National Championships.

Book with EMC

Click the button to secure your rooms through EMC Venues.

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