Business of Rowing 2.0

The “Business of Rowing” is returning with a new, more robust programming schedule. The new format is designed to bring the entire administrative side of the sport under one program, incorporating the former America Rows Forum and Regatta Management tracks, and expand the offerings to topics applicable to any administrator.

Join us beginning Friday afternoon and all day Saturday, December 7-8, 2018, for this year’s program.

Registration has been extended! The deadline is now November 25, 2018. Check out the “Bundle & Save” discounts!

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Speakers & Presenters

  • Beth Anderson

    Junior Rowing Program Director, Newport Aquatic Center

    Session: “California Dreamin’ Big”

  • DeDe Birch

    Rowing Manager and Coach, Sacramento State Aquatic Center

    Session: “California Dreamin’ Big”

  • Richard T. Butler

    HR Manager, Employee Talent and Wellness, City of Pittsburgh

    Session: Maximize Potential Through Diversity, Inclusion and Equity

  • Steven Casey

    Director of Financial Aid and Rowing Coach, Pine Crest School

    Session: “When the Price is Right”

  • Arshay Cooper

    Award-winning author, speaker, & Chief Program Officer, Row New York

    Session: “Rowing is Growing – Welcome Panel” & “Making Your Boathouse the Lighthouse”

  • Liz Fusco, MS, RDN

    USRowing registered dietitian (RD) specializing in sports nutrition for endurance performance.

    Session: “Invest in Your Athletes”

  • Alice Henderson

    Adaptive Rowing Coach, FISA & USRowing Licensed Referee/Umpire

    Session: “Adding Adaptive is Easy – All The Steps Required for a More Inclusive Program”

  • Amanda Kraus

    Executive Director & Founder, Row New York; recipient of the Anita DeFrantz Award and John Carlin Service Award.

    Session: “Invest in Your Athletes”

  • Rachel Le Mieux

    FISA & USRowing Licensed Referee/Umpire, Chair, USRowing Safety Committee

    Session: “Safety First”

  • PCA

    Sessions: “Leading Your Organization – Developing a Positive Coaching Culture” and “Double Goal Coaching – Coaching for Winning and Life Lessons”

  • Luke Walton

    Director of Operations, San Diego Crew Classic

    Session: “California Dreamin’ Big”


  • Friday, December 7

    "Rowing is Growing - Welcome Panel"

    Speakers: Patrick McNerney, Arshay Cooper, Deb Arenberg

    Rowing is growing! USRowing CEO Patrick McNerney sits down with game changers in our sport to give you a preview of what’s to come during Business of Rowing 2.0 and talk about exciting changes happening as we speak.

    "Leading Your Organization – Developing a Positive Coaching Culture"

    Speaker: Jim Perry, Positive Coaching Alliance Trainer

    Creating a positive, character-building youth or high school sports experience requires organizational leaders committed to creating and maintaining a Development Zone for developing “Better Athletes, Better People.” This workshop helps your leadership team do exactly that. One key outcome of the workshop is a written action plan for your leadership team, created with the guidance of the PCA trainer (workshop facilitator), specific to the needs and circumstances of your organization and the population it serves. Throughout the workshop, and reflected in the action plan, is an emphasis on PCA’s “Single-Goal” leader model, in which shaping the culture of your organization is the primary task of your leadership team.

    ‘What If’ With Wendy

    Speaker: Wendy Pierce

    Wendy Pierce (Assured Partners) is back to answer all your questions about the USRowing insurance program for organizations and regattas. Wendy will talk about the highlights of the current coverage, why event coverage matters, and the value of making sure your athletes are compliant.

    "Making Your Boathouse the Lighthouse"

    Speaker: Arshay Cooper

    How do we get our boathouse to reflect the diversity in our city and in our country?

    In this workshop Arshay Cooper discuss three important topics: how to recruit athletic students from under resourced communities, how to transform high school rowers to be leaders of leaders, and how to get their family and community involved.

  • Saturday, December 8

    Regatta Central Annual Update

    Speakers: Steve Lopez, Claire Duesdieker, Jeff Friedrichs, Lauren Peck

    Regatta Central is once again the proud sponsor of the Business of Rowing track at this year’s Convention. The Regatta Central team will be updating the attendees about the newest innovations regarding their platform.

    "Adding Adaptive Is Easy – All the Steps Required for a More Inclusive Program"

    Speaker: Alice Henderson

    Alice Henderson believes it is incumbent upon able-bodied rowers to share our sport with others. Rowing was developed for men who were 6’4″ and in their 20s. The equipment has since been adapted to accommodate smaller men, women, youth and masters, and people with limited mobility are part of that continuum. This session will teach you all the ways to start and fund an adaptive rowing program at your club.

    "California Regattas - Dream Big"

    Speakers: Luke Walton, DeDe Birch, Beth Anderson

    The vast majority of rowers in America live a long way from California, and yet the state successfully hosts some of the premier rowing events. We sit down with some of the state’s top regatta organizers and ask them what you can do to grow your regatta, whether you are looking to stand out on a crowded weekend or looking to draw more people to a distant venue.

    "Invest in Your Athletes"

    Speaker: Liz Fusco, Amanda Kraus

    Investing in young people pays big dividends. Learn from experts in the field on how a small investment can make a big difference for your rowers. From training tables packed with affordable snack options to a tutor that keeps them on track, these are the game changers for your crew.

    "Safety First"

    Speaker: Rachel Le Mieux, James Rawson, Wendy Pierce

    Rowing is not only growing, it is evolving at a rapid pace. As innovation in our sport advances, regattas get bigger, river and lakes get busier, and new clubs are founded to handle the increased demand, we are faced with multiple challenges. One of the most important challenges that we must remain focused on is safety. Our approach to safety has many prongs: athletes, coaches, referees, volunteers, boathouses, equipment and regattas. Join us for a panel discussion about safety in our sport, and how you can help keep our sport safe.

    "Double Goal Coach – Coaching for Winning and Life Lessons"

    Speaker: Jim Perry, Positive Coaching Alliance Trainer

    The research and experiences of great coaches across the country is clear: Positive is Powerful. In this highly interactive, two-hour workshop – sparked by video-based advice from top pro athletes and coaches on PCA’s National Advisory Board – attendees explore why and how to pursue both winning and the more important goal of teaching life lessons through sports.

    "When the Price is Right"

    Speaker: Steven Casey

    What is the true cost of rowing at your program, and how could budgeting for financial aid help your program grow? Steven Casey is the rowing head coach and director of financial aid at Pine Crest School. He will share what independent schools have known for a while: the key to growing your program isn’t just asking a fair price for what you offer; it’s about asking a fair price that allows you to welcome a broader community.

    “Recruiting and Hiring Coaches”

    Speakers: Bonnie Mueller, Wendy Pierce

    Athletes may win the races, but your coaches and staff are crucial in providing a positive environment for athletes to thrive. Today, finding the right people goes
    well beyond resumes. Administrators will learn how to find the right candidates,
    how to protect their athletes and organization, and what USRowing and the
    Center for SafeSport consider best hiring practices in sports today.

    "Maximize Potential Through Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity"

    Speaker: Richard Butler

    A diverse team with unique individual perspectives can deliver exceptional results. Having such a team calls for a leader, staff, and board members to arm themselves with, and coach with, an arsenal of inclusive practices and self-awareness. This course gives you deeper insights into yourself, your team, and the benefits of inclusion at all levels in your organization. Through self-assessments and proven hands-on activities, you’ll develop deep cultural competencies and get tools to create an environment fueled by the passion to be inclusive.

    “Fundamentals of Fundraising”

    Speaker: Amanda Kraus

    Amanda is the founder and executive director of Row New York and adjunct
    assistant professor at the NYU Wagner Graduate School of Public Service, will
    inspire and teach your organization how to fundraise, secure grants and build
    lasting relationships within your community.

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