2017 West Coast Scholastic Championships

USRowing is pleased to debut the 2017 West Coast Scholastic Championships, to be held on April 23, 2017, in San Diego, CA.

General Information

Initial Registration opens: March 22, 2017
Initial Registration Deadline: April 17, 2017
Online Late Entry Deadline: April 20, 2017

Registration Packet

Click on the button to view the registration packet for the 2017 USRowing Southwest Youth Championships.

Event List

List of events offered at the inaugural USRowing West Coast Scholastic Championships.

  • Sunday, April 23
1Womens HS Ltwt Varsity 2x
2Mens HS Ltwt Varsity 2x
3Womens HS JV 2x
4Mens HS JV 2x
5Womens HS Freshman 8+
6Mens HS Freshman 8+
7Womens HS Freshman 4x
8Mens HS Freshman 4x
9Womens HS JV 4x
10Mens HS JV 4x
11Womens HS JV 4+
12Mens HS JV 4+
13Womens HS JV 8+
14Mens HS JV 8+
15Womens HS Ltwt Varsity 4x
16Mens HS Ltwt Varsity 4x
17Womens HS Ltwt Varsity 4+
18Mens HS Ltwt Varsity 4+
19Womens HS Ltwt Varsity 8+
20Mens HS Ltwt Varsity 8+
21Womens HS Varsity Second 8+
22Mens HS Varsity Second 8+
23Womens HS Varsity 1x
24Mens HS Varsity 1x
25Womens HS Varsity 2x
26Mens HS Varsity 2x
27Womens HS Varsity 4x
28Mens HS Varsity 4x
29Womens HS Varsity 4+
30Mens HS Varsity 4+
31Womens HS Varsity 8+
32Mens HS Varsity 8+

Travel and Lodging

The 2017 USRowing West Coast Scholastic Championships will be held at Lake Otay, in Chula Vista, CA.

Airport and Ground Transportation

The nearest airport to the venue is San Diego International Airport.

  • SAN

    San Diego International Airport

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