2017 USRowing Southwest Masters Regional Championships

The 2017 USRowing Southwest Masters Regional Championships will be held July 16, 2017, on Lake Merritt in Oakland, Calif.

Registration for the 2017 USRowing Southwest Masters Regional Championships will open June 5, 2017. The standard registration deadline is July 4, 2017. Click the link below to register via RegattaCentral.

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General Information

Online Registration Opens: June 5, 2017

Standard Registration Deadline: July 4, 2017

Online Late Entry Deadline: July 8, 2017

Regatta Packet

Click on the button to view the registration packet for the 2017 USRowing Southwest Masters Regional Championships. (Updated 6/5/2017)

Event List

Below is the planned list of events offered at the 2017 event.

  • Sunday, July 16
1Womens Masters 8+(D)
2Mens Masters 1x (B)
3Mens Masters Novice 1x (AA-J)
4Mens 2- AA-J
5Womens Masters 4x(AA-C)
6Mens Masters 2x (E+)
7Womens Masters 2- (AA-J)
8Mens Masters 4+(AA-A)
9Womens Masters Novice 4+(AA-J)
10Womens Masters Ltwt 1x (AA-J)
11Womens Masters 4+(E+)
12Mens Masters Ltwt 2x (AA-J)
13Womens Masters 4+ (AA-A)
14Mens Masters 8+(D-F)
15Mens Masters Novice 4+(AA-J)
16Womens Masters 4x(D+)
17Womens Masters 8+(AA-B)
18Mens Masters 1x (G+)
19Mens Masters 2x (AA-C)
20Mens Masters 1x (D)
21Womens Masters 4+(D)
22Womens Masters Novice 8+(AA-J)
23Womens Masters Ltwt 2x (AA-J)
24Mens Masters 1x (E-F)
25Mens Masters Novice 8+
26Mens Masters Ltwt 1x (AA-J)
27Mens Adaptive legs/trunk/arms 1x
28Womens Adaptive trunk/arms 1x
29Inclusive legs/trunk/arms 2x
30Mens Masters 4x (AA-J)
31America Rows Exhibition
32Womens Masters 4+(C)
33Mens Masters 4+(E+)
34Womens Masters 2x (B-C)
35Womens Masters Ltwt 4+
36Womens Masters 2x (D+)
37Mens Masters 4+(B-C)
38Mens Masters Ltwt 4+ (AA-J)
39Mens Masters 1x (AA-A)
40Womens Masters 4+(B)
41Mens Masters 4+(D)
42Womens Masters 1x (D+)
43Womens Masters 8+(C)
44Mens Masters 8+(AA-C)
45Womens Masters Ltwt 4x- (AA-J)
46Womens Masters 8+(E+)
47Womens Masters Novice 1x (AA-J)
48Mens Masters 2x (D)
49Womens Masters 2x (AA-A)
50Mens Masters 1x (C)
51Womens Masters 1x (AA-C)
52Mixed Masters 8+(A-C)
53Mixed Masters 4x (AA-J)
54Mixed Masters 8+(D+)
55Mixed Masters Novice 8+
56Mixed Masters 4+
57Mixed Masters 2x (A-J)

Travel and Lodging

The 2017 USRowing Southwest Masters Regional Championships will be held at Lake Merritt, 568 Bellevue Ave, Oakland, CA 94610.

Airport and Ground Transportation

Lake Merritt is most accessible via the Oakland International Airport or San Francisco International Airport.

  • OAK

    Oakland International Airport

  • SFO

    San Francisco International Airport

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