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2017 “Regatta Management Program”

presented by RegattaCentral

The 2017 Regatta Mangement program, presented by RegattaCentral, will be held on Saturday, December 2, 2017, at the Hyatt Regency Sarasota, as part of the USRowing Convention.

For information about other programs at this year’s USRowing Convention, click here.

The Regatta Management Program will provide an opportunity to learn from the best minds in the rowing world about the various aspects required to run a successful and safe regatta.

Our speakers will share their expertise, but we also want this to be a collaborative session where those in attendance have the opportunity to share what has worked for them.


  • Theme: How to Successfully and Safely Run Your Regatta

    What's New for 2018 - Next Generation Preview

    • Steve Lopez – Founder and Chief Architect – RegattaCentral
    • Traci Stocker – Account and Operations Manager – RegattaCentral

    The RegattaCentral Research and Development team has been working with their staff to create the next generation of their site.

    They will be here to showcase the new platform to better explain how it will make the lives of regatta managers that much easier. From big programs to small, RegattaCentral has the tools that can help drive more revenue to you and make your regatta experience more efficient for everyone.

    Is your event sufficiently prepared to handle emergencies?


    • Rich Collins – Sarasota County Emergency Services Director

    This is a Q&A discussion to help us all to better identify possible emergency scenarios at our event sites and how to plan for them.

    This year we saw Hurricane Irma slam the Gulf Coast of Florida two weeks before the World Championships.

    Rich and his staff were on the front lines of preparedness that helped the event get back on track. Because of the planning that went into it, it was able to be one of the most successful World Championships ever.

    Not all of us are going to experience a hurricane, but planning for such events is imperative to all of our events.

    Creating a Risk Management Plan that You Will Actually Use


    • James Rawson – National Events and West Coast Programs Manager – USRowing

    Risk assessment is generally the most grossly overlooked part of event planning. The aim for this session is to help make risk assessment easier and a natural part of your events. James will be sharing some options through templates and workflow that you can start using immediately. We will also work collaboratively within the group to fine tune anything we come up with.

    Working with your Referees


    • John Wik – Director of Referee Programs – USRowing

    Our referees are our best line of defense when it comes to safety on the water. What can we do to make sure they stay safe as well? How do we keep them coming back year after year. John will also speak of the importance of Safe Sport within our programs to make sure that everyone feels safe and supported.

    Volunteers..They’re out there waiting for you to call. You just didn’t know it.


    • James Rawson – National Events and West Coast Programs Manager – USRowing

    With help from some of our best local organizing committees from across the country, we will discuss how to find some of those hidden volunteers that haven’t worked your events yet. We will also discuss how to keep them wanting to come back next year.

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