2017 USRowing Club National Championships

The 2017 USRowing Club National Championships will be held July 12-16, 2017, on Harsha Lake in Bethel, Ohio.

The event features national championship-racing in 79 events in the U17, U19, intermediate, and elite/senior categories.

The Standard Registration Deadline has passed. Online Late Entries are now available through RegattaCentral. Click the button below to register before June 28, 2017.

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“To have the opportunity to once again host the USRowing Club Nationals is an honor. To see the park full of rowers and to have all of the excitement on the water was an incredible experience.”

Mark Calitri, President of the Clermont Visitors Bureau

More than 1,800 athletes and 1,550 boats from 103 clubs will compete over five days at the 2016 USRowing Club National Championships on Harsha Lake.

Registration Information

Initial Registration Opens: March 15, 2017
Initial Registration Deadline: June 25, 2017
Online Late Entry Deadline: June 28, 2017

Regatta Packet

Updated June 27

Entry Fee Information

Click here for information about the 2017 Entry Fee structure.

Time Trial Traffic Pattern

Traffic pattern for time trials.

Sprint Racing Traffic Pattern

Traffic pattern for sprint racing.

Race for the Colgan Cup

Teams at the Club National Championships compete for the Colgan Cup Overall Team Points Trophy standings, the Sulgar-Barnes Men’s Points Trophy standings and the Marion D. Ventura Women’s Points Trophy.

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U.S. Lotman Challenge

The Philadelphia Gold Challenge Cup Foundation announced a partnership with USRowing, the Head Of The Charles Regatta and the Head of the Schuylkill Regatta to host the inaugural Herb Lotman United States Rowing Challenge in 2017.

The Philadelphia Gold Challenge Cup Foundation created the Lotman Challenge to further promote and develop single sculling in the United States and will award prize money to the top American men and women scullers accumulating the most points over the course of the three-race series.

The Lotman Challenge will comprise of three separate open weight events starting with the USRowing Club National Championships on July 12-16 in Bethel, Ohio followed by the Head Of The Charles Regatta on Oct. 21 and culminating on Oct. 28 at the Head of the Schuylkill Regatta.

At the conclusion of the series, the American sculler in the men’s and women’s divisions with the most points will receive $5,000 with second place earning $2,500 and $1,000 going to third.  In the event a rower finishes in the first position for all three events, the foundation will award $10,000.

Scullers interested in competing in the 2017 Herb Lotman United States Challenge can find additional information on the RegattaCentral website.


Initial Schedule of Racing

Initial daily schedule of race times is now available. This schedule is tentative, and subject to change. Initial heat sheets with bow and lane assignments will be posted by July 9, 2017.

  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday
  • Time Trials, Events 1-39
  • Heats and Semis, Events 1-39
  • Finals, Events 1-39, Time Trials, Events 40-79
  • Heats and Semis, Events 40-79
  • Finals, Events 40-79
2W U17 1xTime Trial8:00 AM
3M U19 4xTime Trial8:40 AM
4M Elite/Sr 1xTime Trial9:03 AM
6W U19 2xTime Trial9:24 AM
8M Int 2xTime Trial10:01 AM
9M U17 2xTime Trial10:25 AM
12W U19 8+Time Trial10:57 AM
14W Int Ltwt 2xTime Trial11:21 AM
16M U19 4+Time Trial11:42 AM
21W U17 4+Time Trial12:12 PM
23W Int 1xTime Trial2:00 PM
28M Int Ltwt 1xTime Trial2:28 PM
30M U19 1xTime Trial2:59 PM
31W U19 2-Time Trial3:46 PM
35M U19 2-Time Trial4:19 PM
36W U19 1xTime Trial4:48 PM
End of Racing5:33 PM
Practice OpensPractice6:00 PM
Last LaunchPractice6:30 PM
Practice ClosesPractice7:00 PM
1W Int 4xHeat 18:00 AM
1W Int 4xHeat 28:08 AM
1W Int 4xHeat 38:16 AM
5W Elite/Sr 2-Heat 18:24 AM
5W Elite/Sr 2-Heat 28:32 AM
7W Elite/Sr 2xHeat 18:40 AM
7W Elite/Sr 2xHeat 28:48 AM
10M Int 8+Heat 18:56 AM
10M Int 8+Heat 29:04 AM
13M Int Ltwt 4+Heat 19:12 AM
13M Int Ltwt 4+Heat 29:20 AM
18W Int 4+Heat 19:28 AM
18W Int 4+Heat 29:36 AM
22M Int 2-Heat 19:44 AM
22M Int 2-Heat 29:52 AM
22M Int 2-Heat 310:00 AM
26M U17 8+Heat 110:08 AM
26M U17 8+Heat 210:16 AM
26M U17 8+Heat 310:24 AM
27W U17 4xHeat 110:32 AM
27W U17 4xHeat 210:40 AM
27W U17 4xHeat 310:48 AM
29W Int Ltwt 2-Heat 110:56 AM
29W Int Ltwt 2-Heat 211:04 AM
29W Int Ltwt 2-Heat 311:12 AM
2W U17 1xSemi 11:30 PM
2W U17 1xSemi 21:38 PM
3M U19 4xSemi 11:46 PM
3M U19 4xSemi 21:54 PM
4M Elite/Sr 1xSemi 12:02 PM
4M Elite/Sr 1xSemi 22:10 PM
6W U19 2xSemi 12:18 PM
6W U19 2xSemi 22:26 PM
8M Int 2xSemi 12:34 PM
8M Int 2xSemi 22:42 PM
9M U17 2xSemi 12:50 PM
9M U17 2xSemi 22:58 PM
12W U19 8+Semi 13:06 PM
12W U19 8+Semi 23:14 PM
14W Int Ltwt 2xSemi 13:22 PM
14W Int Ltwt 2xSemi 23:30 PM
16M U19 4+Semi 13:38 PM
16M U19 4+Semi 23:46 PM
21W U17 4+Semi 13:54 PM
21W U17 4+Semi 24:02 PM
23W Int 1xSemi 14:10 PM
23W Int 1xSemi 24:18 PM
28M Int Ltwt 1xSemi 14:26 PM
28M Int Ltwt 1xSemi 24:34 PM
30M U19 1xSemi 14:42 PM
30M U19 1xSemi 24:50 PM
31W U19 2-Semi 14:58 PM
31W U19 2-Semi 25:06 PM
35M U19 2-Semi 15:14 PM
35M U19 2-Semi 25:22 PM
36W U19 1xSemi 15:30 PM
36W U19 1xSemi 25:38 PM
End of Racing5:46 PM
Practice OpensPractice6:00 PM
Last LaunchPractice6:30 PM
Practice ClosesPractice7:00 PM
1W Int 4xFinal8:00 AM
2W U17 1xFinal8:07 AM
3M U19 4xFinal8:14 AM
4M Elite/Sr 1xFinal8:21 AM
5W Elite/Sr 2-Final8:28 AM
6W U19 2xFinal8:35 AM
7W Elite/Sr 2xFinal8:42 AM
8M Int 2xFinal8:49 AM
9M U17 2xFinal8:56 AM
10M Int 8+Final9:03 AM
11M Int Ltwt 4xFinal9:10 AM
12W U19 8+Final9:17 AM
13M Int Ltwt 4+Final9:24 AM
14W Int Ltwt 2xFinal9:31 AM
15W Elite/Sr Ltwt 4xFinal9:38 AM
16M U19 4+Final9:45 AM
17M Elite/Sr 4+Final9:52 AM
18W Int 4+Final9:59 AM
19M Elite/Sr Ltwt 2xFinal10:06 AM
21W U17 4+Final10:13 AM
22M Int 2-Final10:20 AM
23W Int 1xFinal10:27 AM
24M Elite/Sr Ltwt 2-Final10:34 AM
25W Elite/Sr Ltwt 1xFinal10:41 AM
26M U17 8+Final10:48 AM
27W U17 4xFinal10:55 AM
28M Int Ltwt 1xFinal11:02 AM
29W Int Ltwt 2-Final11:09 AM
30M U19 1xFinal11:16 AM
31W U19 2-Final11:23 AM
32M Elite/Sr 4xFinal11:30 AM
34M Elite/Sr 4-Final11:37 AM
35M U19 2-Final11:44 AM
36W U19 1xFinal11:51 AM
37M Elite/Sr Ltwt 4xFinal11:58 AM
38M Int Ltwt 8+Final12:05 PM
40W U19 4xTime Trial2:00 PM
44M U17 1xTime Trial2:17 PM
45W Int 2xTime Trial2:44 PM
46W U17 2xTime Trial3:04 PM
47M U19 2xTime Trial3:27 PM
53M U19 8+Time Trial3:54 PM
56M U17 4+Time Trial4:10 PM
57M Int Ltwt 2xTime Trial4:27 PM
59W U19 4+Time Trial4:46 PM
63W Int Ltwt 1xTime Trial5:13 PM
66M Int 1xTime Trial5:31 PM
67W Int 2-Time Trial6:03 PM
70M U17 4xTime Trial6:20 PM
End of Racing6:35 PM
No Practice Available
42W Elite/Sr 1xHeat 18:00 AM
42W Elite/Sr 1xHeat 28:08 AM
42W Elite/Sr 1xHeat 38:16 AM
43M Int 4xHeat 18:24 AM
43M Int 4xHeat 28:32 AM
43M Int 4xHeat 38:40 AM
49W Int 8+Heat 18:48 AM
49W Int 8+Heat 28:56 AM
49W Int 8+Heat 39:04 AM
50M Int 4+Heat 19:12 AM
50M Int 4+Heat 29:20 AM
50M Int 4+Heat 39:28 AM
52W Int Ltwt 4xHeat 19:36 AM
52W Int Ltwt 4xHeat 29:44 AM
58W Int Ltwt 4+Heat 19:52 AM
58W Int Ltwt 4+Heat 210:00 AM
62M Int Ltwt 2-Heat 110:08 AM
62M Int Ltwt 2-Heat 210:16 AM
68M Elite/Sr Ltwt 1xHeat 110:24 AM
68M Elite/Sr Ltwt 1xHeat 210:32 AM
68M Elite/Sr Ltwt 1xHeat 310:40 AM
71W U17 8+Heat 110:48 AM
71W U17 8+Heat 210:56 AM
40W U19 4xSemi 11:00 PM
40W U19 4xSemi 21:08 PM
44M U17 1xSemi 11:16 PM
44M U17 1xSemi 21:24 PM
45W Int 2xSemi 11:32 PM
45W Int 2xSemi 21:40 PM
46W U17 2xSemi 11:48 PM
46W U17 2xSemi 21:56 PM
47M U19 2xSemi 12:04 PM
47M U19 2xSemi 22:12 PM
53M U19 8+Semi 12:20 PM
53M U19 8+Semi 22:28 PM
56M U17 4+Semi 12:36 PM
56M U17 4+Semi 22:44 PM
57M Int Ltwt 2xSemi 12:52 PM
57M Int Ltwt 2xSemi 23:00 PM
59W U19 4+Semi 13:08 PM
59W U19 4+Semi 23:16 PM
63W Int Ltwt 1xSemi 13:24 PM
63W Int Ltwt 1xSemi 23:32 PM
66M Int 1xSemi 13:40 PM
66M Int 1xSemi 23:48 PM
67W Int 2-Semi 13:56 PM
67W Int 2-Semi 24:04 PM
70M U17 4xSemi 14:12 PM
70M U17 4xSemi 24:20 PM
End of Racing4:28 PM
Practice OpensPractice5:00 PM
Last LaunchPractice6:30 PM
Practice ClosesPractice7:00 PM
77LTA Mixed 2xFinal8:00 AM
40W U19 4xFinal8:10 AM
41M Elite/Sr 2-Final8:17 AM
42W Elite/Sr 1xFinal8:24 AM
43M Int 4xFinal8:31 AM
44M U17 1xFinal8:38 AM
45W Int 2xFinal8:45 AM
46W U17 2xFinal8:52 AM
47M U19 2xFinal8:59 AM
48M Elite/Sr 2xFinal9:06 AM
49W Int 8+Final9:13 AM
50M Int 4+Final9:20 AM
51W Elite/Sr 8+Final9:27 AM
52W Int Ltwt 4xFinal9:34 AM
53M U19 8+Final9:41 AM
54M Elite/Sr Ltwt 4+Final9:48 AM
55W Elite/Sr Ltwt 2xFinal9:55 AM
56M U17 4+Final10:02 AM
57M Int Ltwt 2xFinal10:09 AM
58W Int Ltwt 4+Final10:16 AM
59W U19 4+Final10:23 AM
60M Elite/Sr Ltwt 4-Final10:30 AM
61W Elite/Sr 4+Final10:37 AM
62M Int Ltwt 2-Final11:30 AM
63W Int Ltwt 1xFinal11:37 AM
64M Elite/Sr 8+Final11:44 AM
65W Elite/Sr 4xFinal11:51 AM
66M Int 1xFinal11:58 AM
67W Int 2-Final12:05 PM
68M Elite/Sr Ltwt 1xFinal12:12 PM
69W Elite/Sr Ltwt 2-Final12:19 PM
70M U17 4xFinal12:26 PM
71W U17 8+Final12:33 PM
72M Elite/Sr Ltwt 8+Final12:40 PM
73LTA Mixed 4+Final12:55 PM
78W 1x - DashFinal1:05 PM
79M 1x - DashFinal1:25 PM

Additional Information

College Fair

USRowing annually hosts a “College Fair” at this event. The fair is an opportunity for rising seniors to meet with coaches from 70+ colleges from across the country.  The event will run from 2:00-4:00pm, on Sunday July 16.

Click on the buttons below for more details and registration.


College Fair Info for Students

Athletes entering their senior year this fall, click here to register for the College Fair.

College Fair Info for Colleges

College programs, click here to learn more about the college fair changes and to register.

Travel & Lodging

Airport and Ground Transportation

Driving Information

Cincinnati is less than a half day car ride and a two hour flight from 60% of the U.S. population. Interstates I-75, I-71 and I-74 link Cincinnati to the continental U.S.

Travel and Lodging Partner

USRowing has partnered with EMC Venues to provide a variety of accommodation options near the Bethel venue and surrounding areas. Click the button below to secure your lodging for the event.

Book with EMC

Click the button to secure your rooms through EMC Venues.

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