2017 USRowing Central Youth Championships

The 2017 USRowing Central Youth Championships will be held May 6-7, 2017, on the Oklahoma River in Oklahoma City, Okla.

The standard registration deadline has passed. Click below to submit online late entries via RegattaCentral. Online late entries are open until April 27.

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“The USRowing Central Youth Championships offers opportunities for crews within the region to qualify for the USRowing Youth National Championships, as well as an opportunity for novice and junior varsity crews to compete in a full slate of racing.”

AJ Dominique, USRowing Senior Events Manager

Nearly 1,000 athletes representing over 400 crews from 20+ teams are expected to compete in this year’s event.

Registration Information

Initial Registration Opens: March 15, 2017

Initial Registration Deadline: April 24, 2017

Online Late Entry Deadline: April 27, 2017

Regatta Packet

(Updated March 13)

Entry Fee Information

Click here for more information about the 2017 USRowing Entry Fee structure.

Confirmation Packet

Information about practice times, on-site registration, parking, and more.

Time Trial Traffic Pattern

Traffic pattern for morning time trial races.

Sprint Traffic Pattern

Traffic pattern for afternoon sprint racing finals, and for practice sessions.

Venue Map

Zoomed in view with venue layout information, parking maps, and dock traffic.

Initial Schedule of Races

This schedule is based on the number of entries as of the close of standard registration on April 24. This schedule is subject to change.

  • Saturday, May 6
  • Sunday, May 7
Event #RoundEvent NameTime
1Time TrialMens Youth 2x8:00 AM
2Time TrialMens Youth 2nd 2x8:09 AM
3Time TrialWomens Youth 1x8:18 AM
4Time TrialMens Youth Ltwt 4+8:28 AM
5Time TrialMens Freshman 4x8:37 AM
6Time TrialWomens Youth 2-8:43 AM
8Time TrialMens Youth Novice 4x8:51 AM
9Time TrialWomens Youth Novice 8+9:00 AM
10Time TrialMens U17 1x9:07 AM
11Time TrialWomens Youth Ltwt 2x9:15 AM
12Time TrialMens Youth 4x9:25 AM
13Time TrialMens Youth 2nd 4x9:33 AM
14Time TrialWomens Youth Ltwt 8+9:40 AM
Event #RoundEvent NameTime
15Time TrialMens Youth Novice 4+9:46 AM
16Time TrialWomens Youth Novice 2x9:55 AM
17Time TrialWomens Youth 2nd 4+10:08 AM
18Time TrialWomens Youth 4+10:16 AM
19Time TrialMens Youth 2nd 8+10:25 AM
20Time TrialMens Youth 8+10:31 AM
1FinalMens Youth 2x12:15 PM
2FinalMens Youth 2nd 2x12:23 PM
3FinalWomens Youth 1x12:31 PM
4FinalMens Youth Ltwt 4+12:39 PM
5FinalMens Freshman 4x12:47 PM
6FinalWomens Youth 2-12:55 PM
Event #RoundEvent NameTime
8FinalMens Youth Novice 4x1:11 PM
9FinalWomens Youth Novice 8+1:19 PM
10FinalMens U17 1x1:27 PM
11FinalWomens Youth Ltwt 2x1:35 PM
12FinalMens Youth 4x1:43 PM
13FinalMens Youth 2nd 4x1:51 PM
14FinalWomens Youth Ltwt 8+1:59 PM
15FinalMens Youth Novice 4+2:07 PM
16FinalWomens Youth Novice 2x2:15 PM
17FinalWomens Youth 2nd 4+2:23 PM
18FinalWomens Youth 4+2:31 PM
19FinalMens Youth 2nd 8+2:39 PM
20FinalMens Youth 8+2:47 PM
Event #RoundEvent NameTime
21Time TrialWomens Youth 2x8:00 AM
22Time TrialWomens Youth 2nd 2x8:11 AM
23Time TrialMens Youth 1x8:19 AM
24Time TrialWomens Youth Ltwt 4+8:30 AM
25Time TrialWomens Freshman 4x8:38 AM
26Time TrialMens Youth 2-8:45 AM
28Time TrialWomens Youth Novice 4x8:52 AM
29Time TrialMens Youth Novice 8+9:01 AM
30Time TrialWomens U17 1x9:10 AM
31Time TrialMens Youth Ltwt 2x9:19 AM
32Time TrialWomens Youth 4x9:30 AM
33Time TrialWomens Youth 2nd 4x9:41 AM
34Time TrialMens Youth Ltwt 8+9:49 AM
Event #RoundEvent NameTime
35Time TrialWomens Youth Novice 4+9:55 AM
36Time TrialMens Youth Novice 2x10:04 AM
37Time TrialMens Youth 2nd 4+10:15 AM
38Time TrialMens Youth 4+10:24 AM
39Time TrialWomens Youth 2nd 8+10:34 AM
40Time TrialWomens Youth 8+10:41 AM
21FinalWomens Youth 2x12:30 PM
22FinalWomens Youth 2nd 2x12:38 PM
23FinalMens Youth 1x12:46 PM
24FinalWomens Youth Ltwt 4+12:54 PM
25FinalWomens Freshman 4x1:02 PM
26FinalMens Youth 2-1:10 PM
Event #RoundEvent NameTime
28FinalWomens Youth Novice 4x1:26 PM
29FinalMens Youth Novice 8+1:34 PM
30FinalWomens U17 1x1:42 PM
31FinalMens Youth Ltwt 2x1:50 PM
32FinalWomens Youth 4x1:58 PM
33FinalWomens Youth 2nd 4x2:06 PM
34FinalMens Youth Ltwt 8+2:14 PM
35FinalWomens Youth Novice 4+2:22 PM
36FinalMens Youth Novice 2x2:30 PM
37FinalMens Youth 2nd 4+2:38 PM
38FinalMens Youth 4+2:46 PM
39FinalWomens Youth 2nd 8+2:54 PM
40FinalWomens Youth 8+3:02 PM

Travel and Lodging

The 2017 USRowing Central Youth Championships will be held at the Boathouse District, 725 S Lincoln Blvd, Oklahoma City, OK 73129.

Airport and Ground Transportation

The Boathouse District is accessible via Will Rogers World Airport in Oklahoma City.

  • OKC

    Will Rogers World Airport

Travel and Lodging Partner

USRowing has partnered with EMC Venues to provide accommodation options for teams and spectators traveling to the 2017 USRowing Central Youth Championships.

Book with EMC

Click the button to submit your rooming request directly to EMC Venues.

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