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Has any of your information changed recently? It is important that you keep your mailing address and email address updated. For Championship members your free ROWING Magazine subscription is sent to the address listed in your member profile. Similarly, USRowing frequently sends email communication on upcoming events, information on member benefits and other info that may be valuable for you to know using the email address listed in your account. Plus, if you forget any of the login credentials including your password to your account, you can retrieve that information from an email sent to the email address in your profile.

Just follow these three (3) easy steps to update your profile–

  1. Visit the Membership PortalYou’ll see two large icons –  “Individuals” and “Organizations.” You want to select “Individuals.”
  2. Mouseover the “Members” button and click on “Edit Profile” in the dropdown menu. 
  3. Enter your Member Number and password to your account. If you forget either, click on “Forgot My Member Number” or “Set/Reset Password” link and follow the directions.

And you’re in!  Now you can update any information in your profile. Also, here’s a helpful video that will get you started, too.

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