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Download – Now you can download select coaching education videos right to your computer. Videos are ready to load into iTunes for viewing on your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad or iPod. Simply click on the BUY NOW link below the title to direct you to download and payment information, powered by Amazon.

DVD discs – For DVD orders, please contact USRowing Membership Services at or (609) 751-0700. Please indicate which DVDs you want, mailing address and VISA/MasterCard number and expiration date. Each DVD is $20, plus $2.50-$10 for shipping, depending on volume of order.

Solutions to Common Problems
BUY NOW (647 MB video/x-m4v, $18.99)

USRowing asked five very successful coaches to show us how they solve common rowing problems. The video goes through the entire stroke, identifying problems and offering solutions. Sometimes more than one coach will provide answers to the problem so you can see how different coaches approach the same problem. The video is organized as a tour of the stroke so you can easily go the section you want to learn more about. This is great for coaches to help identify and fix problems, and for showing rowers solutions to technique problems.

Lucerne on the Paddle, International Crews at the 2008 Lucerne Regatta
With comments by U.S. National Team coaches Kris Korzeniowski and Tom Terhaar
BUY NOW (1.02 GB application/zip, $18.99)

Unless you attend an international regatta, the only time we see the fastest crews in the world is when they are racing. Where we really see what the coaches are trying to emphasize is when the boats are rowing on the paddle. With almost 100 different clips this video shows the world’s best at the Lucerne World Cup in 2008, just before the Beijing Olympics. Kris Korzeniowski and Tom Terhaar add comments so you can see what the coach is emphasizing and understand different styles of elite rowing. Included without comment is 30 minutes of the juniors and lightweights at the 2008 Senior and Junior World Rowing Championships in Linz, Austria.

Cross Training for Rowing – Running, Swimming, Cycling
(1.38 GB application/zip, $18.99)

Running, swimming and cycling are commonly used as cross training for rowing. Justin Moore, coach of the four-time NCAA Champion Williams College, 2009 World Champion U.S. Junior Women’s Eight and a competitor at the Kona Ironman World Championships, explains how to develop an effective cross training program by using proper athlete evaluations and protocols for each sport. A coach of each discipline explains their sport and offer tips on how to get the most out of the sport as it applies to rowing.

Sweep Technique: The Art of Moving a Boat
(802 MB video/x-m4v, $18.99)

We know there is more to moving a boat than just having a great erg score. Kris Korzeniowski looks at some of the factors that are required to turn great fitness into great speed on the water. Kris’ text and images explain technical elements and styles that the best crews in the world use to win Olympic medals.

Coached Drills III: Starts and Sprints
(1.41 GB application/zip, $18.99)

USRowing asked six successful coaches, both college and high school, how they prepare a team and what they think about when working on starts and sprints. Watch their teams practicing the drills and hear the coach working with them to improve their ability to get off the line and stay ahead at the finish.

Safety DVD

Available on DVD (contact to purchase a copy).

Available for download in our German language version

The Safety DVD can now be viewed from the USRowing web site for free.  Our strong recommendation is that the Safety video be viewed as a group with the coach present to discuss the hazards and issues of rowing at your specific venue.

Safety with German Voiceover
(812 MB, video/x-m4v, $18.99)

USRowing has produced an updated safety video with funding provided by a grant from the United States Coast Guard. Since the first safety video was released in the late 1980s, the number of rowing clubs in the U.S. has more than doubled and pleasure boat traffic has increased dramatically. The need for safety awareness has never been greater. Major and minor accidents have a direct impact on the lives of those involved and some incidents can have repercussions for the entire rowing community. The new safety video has two main sections, one for everyone who is involved with the rowing program and the other for just coaches and administrators. USRowing stresses that everyone review the safety video once a year and all rowing programs have an active safety committee to make sure that club policies and procedures are up to date.

We have a German language version of the Safety information.  We were asked to dub a copy for German rowing clubs.  This version will be a download and not available on a disc.

We would like to do a Spanish version too, if a native speaker would like to help with this project please contact Willie Black at

Core Strength
(1.54 GB application/zip, $18.99)

Zach Weatherford, strength and conditioning coach at the ARCO Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, Calf., hosts over an hour of core exercises for every level of athlete.  Zach and the U.S. Women’s National Team coach Tom Terhaar developed the program to help reduce injury and increase the performance of the women’s sweep and sculling team. Women from the 2006 and 2007 U.S. National Team show the proper execution of each exercise and Zach offers tips to get the maximum results. There are almost 100 different exercises included in the video and information to create a core strengthening program for yourself or for your team. This video will allow you to develop a comprehensive program with a lot of variety.

Coached Drills II
(1.20 GB application/zip, $18.99)

We asked successful sculling coaches who work with high school, college, pre-elite, elite, and masters rowers to show us their favorite drills. In the first 40 minutes, the coaches explain the drills as we watch the rowers execute them. The last hour, we watch and hear the coaches working directly with their athletes. This video is great for coaches who want to show their athletes how to execute a drill and watch other coaches coach. Scullers who don’t have regular coaching can also use this video to learn new drills and get some technical ideas for their own rowing.

Minor Hull Repair
(1.27 GB video/x-m4v, $18.99)

Minor Hull Repair will teach you, step by step, how to repair punctures, crushes, cracks, and single rib replacements. Tim Searles of the Rowing Repair Center will explain epoxies, sandpapers, fillers, painting, fibers and all the other tools and materials needed to make repairs on your synthetic boat. If you have a boat on the rack because of minor damage, this is the video to help get it back out on the water. With this video, you can make your damaged shell safe, strong and looking good.

BUY NOW (658 MB video/x-m4v, $18.99)

Rowing is becoming more popular and that means there are more trailers and more trailer drivers on the road. This comprehensive video will explain trucks and trailers, loading tips, driving technique and dangers of to be aware of when hauling shells. Just over 50 minutes long, this video is great for all programs and clubs to introduce new coaches and crew boosters to safe and efficient trailer driving practices.

Successful Sports Parenting

The Successful Sports Parenting CD-ROM was developed in collaboration with USA Swimming, US Ski and Snowboard Association, and Dan Gould, PhD, Director of the Institute of the Study of Youth Sports, Michigan State University. The CD has been endorsed by the United States Olympic Committee and many associations, including USRowing.  You will see interviews with high-level coaches and experts and you will can print off many documents provided in the CD that will help coaches, clubs, and parents work together to create a positive and successful sport enviornment. Coaches: learn how to develop a healthy and productive coach/parent relationship. Clubs: learn how to effectively engage parents in all aspects of club organization from meetings, to volunteering, to being positive supporters. Parents: learn the dos and don’ts of sports parenting. Athletes at all levels tell you what makes sports fun for them and how to help them enjoy and succeed in sports.

Coaching Rowing Technique Using the Erg
(430 MB video/x-m4v, $18.99)

Bill Manning, Harvard University freshman heavyweight coach and coach of the 2004 Olympic men’s pair, is a regular presenter at the USRowing Annual Convention. In his presentation, Manning explains how the erg is an excellent way to teach the fundamental concepts of moving a boat and should not be considered just a training tool. This video is a great tool for all coaches who have their athletes use the erg, from varsity athletes to novice youth, to adults in a learn to row class.

2004 San Diego Crew Classic: From the Coxswain’s Seat presents U.S. Olympic coxswain Yaz Farooq and U.S. & Olympic Team veterans at the San Diego Crew Classic. Shot through Yaz’s Coxswain Cam, hear and see the pre race meeting, all the calls for the heat and final, plus graphics to further explain skills and tactics.  In the director’s track you will hear Yaz and Olympic silver medalist Amy Fuller discuss their strategies and tactics in further detail. This DVD is an excellent resource for honing your coxswains’ and crews’ skills for sprint racing season. 2 hours. A percentage of the proceeds from this DVD goes to benefit the U.S. National Team. Please order directly from

An Introduction to Rigging
(574 MB video/x-m4v, $18.99)

This video is designed for coaches and individuals who want to learn the basics of rigging. An Introduction to Rigging covers how to measure and move boat parts, along with charts on suggested ranges of rigging for yourself or your crew. Also included are tips for common problems, how to calculate your load ratio and other suggestions to help you rig a boat properly. Laminated charts that you can take with you to the boathouse for easy reference are also provided with a DVD order (if you download the video please email Willie Black and ask for the cards to be mailed). Let USRowing help you or your athletes be more comfortable, faster, and safer.

Sculling Fundamentals
(393 MB video/x-m4v, $18.99)

Sculling Fundamentals is for rowers and coaches who want to improve their skills in the single, double or quad. The text for this video was written by U.S. National Team coach Kris Korzeniowski and uses national team athletes as examples. The first section starts out by discussing the basic principles of boat movement and then shows and explains proper technique. The last section shows drills that you, or your team, can use to improve sculling technique.

Coached Drills
BUY NOW  (1.42 GB application/zip, $18.99)

USRowing asked eight of the top sweep coaches (college, high school, and masters) of 2005 to have their crews perform drills that they think really help their team. You watch the team perform the drills as the coach explains the drill and why they like it. In the “coach ride along” section, you actually hear the coach working with their team.

Basic Rowing Technique
BUY NOW (623 MB video/x-m4v, $18.99)

Basic Rowing Technique is an excellent overview of the sweep and sculling stroke. Originally produced in 1990, this video is now available for download and on DVD. Basic Rowing Technique shows the rowing strokes, common problems and how to correct them. Produced by U.S. National Team coach Kris Korzeniowski and narrated by Curtis Jordan.

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