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Club of the Year Award

Information on the 2019 USRowing Club of the Year Award will be available in September.


2018 USRowing Club of the Year

2018 USRowing Club of the Year Application

The 1,350-plus member organizations of USRowing are the foundation of our sport’s growth. Community-based youth and masters rowing are increasing by leaps and bounds thanks to outreach programs on the local level. Participation in our national regattas enhances those events’ overall competitive experience, while helping build enthusiasm and creating performance goals among newer rowers of all ages back home. Additionally, our sport could not thrive without our member clubs “stepping up to the plate” and giving back on a regional and national level by hosting regattas and clinics, recruiting and training referees and coaches, and participating in the governance and leadership of their sport.

Because we believe that the hard work, volunteer dedication and pride in your club’s accomplishments should be shared as a best practice on the national level, the United States Rowing Association has instituted a Club of the Year Award to be presented at the USRowing Annual Convention December 6-9, 2018, in San Diego, Calif.

Criteria: All USRowing member organizations are eligible to receive the Club of the Year Award. Points will be awarded to clubs for dedication to excellence in competition, the growth of rowing in their community, and the promotion and safety of the sport. Award criteria include:

  • Performance
  • Community Outreach
  • Service to Rowing
  • USRowing Participation
  • Technology & Communications
  • Safety

When: Nominations for the 2018 USRowing Club of the Year Award must be received at USRowing headquarters in Princeton, N.J., no later than 5:00 p.m. on October 15, 2018. Please scan and email completed forms to, fax to (609) 924-1578, or mail to USRowing, 2 Wall Street, Princeton, NJ, 08540.

Awards: The winner will be notified by November 1, and will be honored at the Annual Awards Reception at the USRowing Convention. The winning club will receive a year’s free organizational membership in USRowing and a banner to display at their boathouse.

The USRowing Club of the Year Award recognizes the outstanding efforts of clubs to improve rowing opportunities for their members and also involve their local communities. The winner will serve as an example to the rowing community and the general public of outstanding organizational leadership, involvement in USRowing, competition opportunities, community service, safety, performance and volunteer development. We encourage rowing clubs of all sizes to pursue excellence and to submit their nomination for the Club of the Year Award.

Past Winners:
2018 – Princeton National Rowing Association
2017 – Rogue Rowing
2016 – Three Rivers Rowing Association
2015 – Princeton National Rowing Association
2014 – Vesper Boat Club
2013 – Three Rivers Rowing Association
2012 – Community Rowing, Inc.
2011 – Princeton National Rowing Association
2010 – Three Rivers Rowing Association
2009 – Community Rowing, Inc.
2008 – Not Awarded
2007 – Carnegie Lake Rowing Association
2006 – Marin Rowing Association
2005 – Oak Ridge Rowing Association
2004 – Community Rowing, Inc.
2003 – San Diego Rowing Club
2002 – Three Rivers Rowing Association

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