Board of Directors

Listed below is the contact information for the current USRowing Board of Directors (updated March 20, 2017). Click on the names of the board members to view a brief profile.


Marcia Hooper
Board Chair
Female Vice Chair
(p) 617-285- 6031

Kris Thorsness

Female At-Large Representative
(p) 585-742-3661

Sheila Tolle
Southwest Region Representative
(p) 650-799-6034

David Banks

Male Athlete Representative
(p) 240-506-2726

Jim Dietz
Men’s Vice Chair
(p) 413-545-9441

Willard Donoho
Midwest Region Representative
(p) 330-428-3188

Joe Flynn
Southeast Region Representative
(p) 936-697-1478

Charlie Haight
At-Large Representative
(p) 617-495-8140

Nick LaCava
USOC-AAC Athlete Representative
(p) 203-984-2178

Joe Manion

Mid-Atlantic Region Representative
(p) 215-287-7737

Meghan O’Leary
Female Athlete Representative
(p) 225-773-6786

Jamie Redman
USOC-AAC Alternate Athlete Representative
(p) 509-939-7539

Steve Shure
Northwest Region Representative
(p) 206-861-5984

Lisa Stone
Northeast Region Representative
(p) 617-733-3523


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