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Adaptive Clinics

U.S. Classifiers Workshop for Adaptive Rowing

This two-day program provides the opportunity to become certified as either a U.S. Technical Classifier (appropriate for a rowing coach, sports scientist, experienced rower or volunteer) or U.S. Medical Classifier (medical doctor, doctor of osteopathic medicine, or physiotherapist). Attendees who complete this workshop will be able to classify adaptive rowers for club, local and national events. Athletes being classified will be able to enter FISA-sanctioned events. Ideally, a medical and technical candidate will attend from the same geographical location so that they will be available to classify athletes as a team in their region.

Check back here for future clinics.

For more information about FISA Classification and Para-Rowing, please click here.

For specific questions about classification, please contact Judy Morrison, Head of FISA Classification.

Interested in hosting an adaptive rowing clinic? Contact USRowing Adaptive Specialist Deb Arenberg at or call 207-850-0211.

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