Referee Awards


Jack Franklin Award

The Jack Franklin Award recognizes an individual for a lifetime of contributions to our sport. The winner of the Franklin Award is selected by the Referee Committee.  

Past Winners:

1986-Jack Franklin 

1987-Ed Singer 

1988-Walter Schwanhausser 

1989-Julian Wolf 

1990-William Fritz 

1991-Pat Ferguson 

1992-Robert Espeseth, Sr. 

1993-William Knecht 

1994-Howard Smith 

1995-Tom Dowd 

1996-Ernest Bayer 

1997-Ed Stevens 

1998-Clyde Voigtlander 

1999-Chuck Colgan 

2000-Hart Perry 

2001-Joan Zandbergen 

2002-Larry Tolle 

2003-Eugene Perry 

2004-Peter Kay 

2005-Matthew J. Ledwith 

2006-Not Awarded 

2007-Dick Alcock

2008-John Garnjost

2009-John Quinn

2010-Tom Lotz

2011-John D. White

2012-Kate Godwin

2013-John Walker

2014-Bob Appleyard


Julian Wolf Award

The Julian Wolf Award pays tribute to the one rowing official in the USA  that stood apart from the rest in his/her contribution to rowing in the past year. It is based upon one, several,  or all of the following: outstanding performance, dedication, heroic acts or outstanding  contributions to officiating. The winner is selected by five past Wolf award winners.

Past Winners:

1986-John Quinn  

1987-Chuck Colgan  

1988-Ron Chen  

1989-Howard Smith  

1990-Pat Ferguson  

1991-Don Craig  

1992-Don Langford  

1993-Bob Appleyard  

1994-Sam Dempsey  

1995-Peter Kay  

1996-William Fritz  

1997-Kris Grudt  

1998-Roxanne Everetts  

1999-Larry Tolle 

2000-H. Ray Duff  

2001-Kate Godwin  

2002-Nikola Vajda  

2003-Robert Walton  

2004-Bob Cummins  

2005-Dennis Smith  

2006-Kirsten and Howard Meisner  

2007-Ryszard Obuchowicz 

2008-Not Awarded 

2009-Bob Scurria 

2010-Not Awarded

2011-John J. Cavanaugh

2012-Lloyd McDonald

2013-Letcher Ross

2014-Jean Reilly

Joan Zandbergen “Mama Z” Award

The Joan Zandbergen “Mama Z” Award for Sustained Superior Performance is presented to one USRowing official who, over a period of 3-10 years, has stood apart from the rest of his or her peers.

Past Winners:

2009-Laura Kunkemueller

2010-Dave Hayes

2011-Ruth Macnamara

2012-Elaine Roden

2013-Not Awarded

2014-John McKenna

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