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December Safety Feature

December 06, 2012

The USRowing Safety committee met on November 12, 2012, for its quarterly safety meeting. We met to discuss topics we have noticed when we are in the community and topics that have been brought to our attention. We are sharing these notes so that everyone can see what we are working on, encourage you to share any concerns you have and remind people of the resources that are available.

USRowing Safety Committee Meeting Summary:

Attending: Jim Cooper (CT), Casey Baker (FL), Rachel LeMieux (WA), John White (VA), Margot Zalkind, Chair (MA) and Willie Black (USRowing).

We discussed sending out quarterly organizational news to every USRowing member club and school, in addition to our safety tips on the USRowing website and the USRowing This Month e-newsletter safety contributions.

We will send reminders seasonally. For example, winter will be for stocking up/getting equipment in order:

  • Replenish (or get more) Kippy Liddle kits, do the launch motor work, handle boat repair, rewire/check CoxBox, etc.
  • Reminders about the safety boathouse posters and the DVD. Do you require all of your coaches, rowers and coxswains to watch this every year?
  • Does your boathouse have enough posters up as reminders? Need more?
  • We will continue to post seasonal on-the-water notices, regarding cold weather rowing, heat, coxswains, regatta safety, etc.

We will also remind all organizations of the National Safety Committee members (and Willie's USRowing staff liaison role) and their availability, for guidance and feedback. We will also remind orgs of the web page on safety and all contact information.

More Than On-the-Water

Many accidents happen in the boathouse, on the dock, in the parking lot. We will cover these areas in future newsletters, organizational and directly to members. Topics will encompass "From your car door to the boat...", including slippery docks, wet boathouse floors, carrying oars safely, lights on the dock and in the boathouse and more.

For insight and background on boat damage, we are going to ask boat builders, boat repair people and insurance companies about recent accident info, including specific types of accidents, numbers of incidents and gather information for a snapshot of the past few years.

We will communicate by email until our next meeting. We welcome, as always, requests of our members and organization, for information and consideration. Email

Willie Black

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