Newell Training Center Development Camp


Club/School Name Harvard University

Camp Start Date 12-Jun-2017
Camp End Date 11-Aug-2017

Cost of Camp $ 275.00

Rowing Disciplines Offered
Men, Women, Under 23, Heavyweight, Sculling

Description of what is/is not included in camp cost
Included: Equipment rental, title fee, gas for trailer to races, facilities rental, physiology testing.

Not included: gear, travel, accommodation.

Athlete/Coxswain qualification criteria
Sub 620 for men, sub 710 for women. Experience sculling. Desire to improve sculling.

Camp Objective and Development Plan
Objective is to develop sculling skills to complement sweeping. We’ll spend significant time in singles and doubles, some quads. Occasional work in sweep boats. Aim is to introduce good boat moving skills as well as improving physiology.

Competitions Scheduled
U23 Trials
Canadian Henley

Coaching Staff
Patrick Lapage
Charley Butt

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