Badger Development Camp


Club/School Name University of Wisconsin

Coaches Todd Vogt, Dusty Mattison, Nancy LaRocque, Jim Mitchell, Bebe Bryans, and Gillian Cooper.

Camp Start Date 13-Jun-2017
Camp End Date 13-Aug-2017

Cost of Camp $400.00

Rowing Disciplines Offered Women, Senior, Under 23, Lightweight, Heavyweight, Sweep, Sculling

Description of what is/is not included in camp cost
Cost of potential races.

Athlete/Coxswain qualification criteria

For lightweights, under 7:45 for 2000m on the erg.

For openweights, under 7:20 for 2000m on the erg, allowing for coaches’ discretion.

Camp Objective and Development Plan
Increase fitness and skill through use of small boat training, including pairs, doubles, singles, straight fours, and quads. The rowers will also be in the weight room several times per week.

Competitions Scheduled

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