2016 AAC Election Information

The USOC-Athletes’ Advisory Council (AAC) election is now complete. Congratulations to Nick LaCava and Jamie Redman. Click below for complete results.

2016 AAC Election Results

Voting Information

Eligible athletes will receive their voting credentials from our third-party election teller, Survey and Ballot Systems, on December 1. These will be sent to the email address on file in the USRowing member database as of November 11. Completed ballots must be submitted for receipt no later than December 21, 2016.

2016 AAC Election Bios

2016-17 USRowing Election Nominee List

Click here to view the 2016 AAC Election Procedures


Call for Nominations

Dear U.S. Rowing Senior Team Alumni,

USRowing is requesting nominations for its representatives to the USOC’s Athletes’ Advisory Council (AAC). The AAC Athlete Representative and AAC Alternate Athlete Representative serve two roles. First, they represent rowers on the USOC AAC, and secondly, they serve as athlete representatives to the USRowing Board of Directors.

Please review the linked materials and consider running for these positions. All candidates must be self nominated and submit the linked forms no later than November 21, 2016. Remember, no paid employee of the USRowing or the USOC is eligible.

Please see the linked materials for more details about the AAC position, voting/election procedure, and a statement of interest form.

The right to nominate and vote is reserved for athletes who meet the AAC requirements. In order to participate, an athlete must have represented the United States in Olympic, Paralympic, Pan American, Para Pan American or “other major international competition,” within the preceding 10 years as measured from the first AAC meeting of the Quadrennial (2007-2016). The term “other major international competition” means only a competition designated by the USOC as an Operation Gold competition. For USRowing purposes, the Operation Gold designation is for only those events at the World Rowing Senior Championships that also are contested at the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The representative you elect will be the National Governing Body voice at the U.S. Olympic Committee for rowing athletes and a voice for all athletes within the USOC on issues such as doping control, financial support for athletes, commercial terms/athlete marketing, and athletes’ rights in team selection. The term of service is four years, commencing January of 2017 and ending in December of 2020.

While an athlete’s competitive record can afford him or her additional credentials, this is not a celebrity position. A representative’s ability to work well within the USRowing and USOC organizations, to think critically about issues, to communicate and advocate effectively and to dedicate the necessary time will be essential in serving both the USRowing and USOC athletes. Note: between AAC meetings, the USRowing BOD meetings, conference calls, work on the AAC initiatives, and other additional projects, there are six to eight weekends per year that require attendance and participation. As a result, all potential candidates should take a close look at their training and racing schedule, as well as professional and family commitments, before submitting a nomination.

USRowing will use the email addresses on file in the USRowing database to contact eligible members. Athletes who are part of the voting pool should contact USRowing prior to November 11 to ensure that their correct email address is on file.


Kris Thorsness

Secretary, USRowing Board of Directors

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